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At Protectfully we are dedicated to providing authentic, reliable information from trusted and regulated sources. We have collated a few resource links that you may find useful in learning about the pandemic, the COVID-19 virus, regulatory bodies and the cutting edge of preventative measures.


These sites are international organisations work worldwide to promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable. Leaders within each of their dedicated fields they direct and coordinate international health advice and governance.


Specifically for the United Kingdom, these government-led sites are authorities across Britain providing the latest in health and safety advice, COVID-19 updates, lockdown and travel restrictions and vaccine information. 


Trusted names in media and news, these sites are reliable sources to view the latest COVID-19 related stories, live map trackers and virus infection rates/death figures.


Resources on Mental health, wellbeing, health and safety and infection control provided by leaders within the field.

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