Electrostatic Disinfection

In the infection prevention and control industry, environmental cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces is becoming more important than ever before. Environmental cleaning and disinfection can play an important role in helping to prevent the spread of infection. A new, promising technology in this industry is the application of EPA-approved disinfectants utilizing electrostatic application systems for proper surface disinfection. As an official partner to EMist, our suite of Disinfectant systems are a proven defence against the spread of infection. They reduce the time needed for disinfection, provide comprehensive coverage, use less disinfectant, and are easy to operate and maintain – all the while maintaining the safety of your workers and providing your organisation with a more resilient foundation

Our Products

Patented and Trusted

EMist systems are patented, used during the 2014 Ebola crisis, and developed by electrostatic industry veteran Mike Sides, who frequently works with the DOD, Naval Entomology Center of Excellence, USDA, and WHO.

Leading Technology

The electrostatic sprayer droplets wrap around surfaces. This wraparound effect creates an even, consistent and comprehensive coverage of chemical, reduces chemical use, and provides superior results.

Save Time and Money

Based on the need to disinfect large areas, manual application of disinfectants is a thing of the past. Customers who use our systems typically see 25% to 45% labour savings and 35% to 50% chemical savings.

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