The average person spends 17,600 minutes behind the wheel of a car each year – sitting in a space that hosts over 700 different bacterium. The Coronavirus and all its variants are no exception to this. Steering wheels, cup holders and gear shifts are three of the most common places to find germs in a car. The steering wheel has more germs on it than a gas pump handle, a public toilet seat and the average phone screen…

In order to keep employees and customers safe and ensure the cleanliness and safety of vehicles, thorough deep-cleaning and disinfection is required prior to use. High touch surfaces should be a priority, but the entire car space requires deep cleaning to suitably minimise the risks of exposure to harmful viruses and bacteria and reduce the risk of infection.

It is recommended that the inside of cars be cleaned every two weeks to ensure its integrity and the EMist™ Electrostatic Disinfectant System makes this process easier. It allows quick and effective disinfection of the vehicle without using toxic chemicals.

The EMist® system applies disinfectant solutions with its patented technology to surfaces using electrostatic induction charging. The liquid droplets are positively charged by the spray system which is then driven to the surface target area in a consistent manner allowing for comprehensive uniform coverage. Simply put, our technology applies more evenly, sticks to surfaces like a magnet, and reduces waste drastically.

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