Rapid COVID-19 Tests

We believe testing should be more widely available, in more places, where people work, live, and study. In this ever-changing global landscape, businesses need to evolve in order to survive. As an official partner to SureScreen’s Diagnostics, our suite of COVID-19 rapid tests detects either the body’s response to coronavirus or identify the virus antigen itself and give qualitative yes/no results within 10 minutes. Manufactured in the UK, assuring you with the highest quality currently available on the market, where others may falter, we will deliver.  By choosing Protectfully, you can protect your teams and customers, reinforce your organisational resilience, and minimise business disruption.

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Simple instructions, easy to use and clear results.


Quick results! Qualitive positive or negative result within 15 minutes.


Manufactured within the UK and tried trusted by the NHS.

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