Supporting a safer return to business.

The Protectfully team have been providing specialist safety equipment since 2012, as a division of Priavo Security. We specialise in risk mitigation, crisis management and business continuity, and in direct response to the pandemic, we are supporting our clients in a safer return to business. As a distributor of SureScreen Diagnostics, we are able to supply the latest UK manufactured and Public Health England approved COVID-19 tests, with results in as little as 15 minutes.  Working closely with EMist Electrostatic Disinfection technology we provide the tools to ensure your business hygiene is at optimum levels.  Duty of care for both employees and customers is essential throughout this pandemic, and our goal is to ensure you and your business have the peace of mind and the protection needed to get you through the current pandemic.

Fulfilling Duty of Care.

At Protectfully, we are providing our clients with the means to prevent and put a stop to the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. We are proudly working closely with Surescreen Diagnostics, the only approved UK manufacturer of COVID-19 RAPID antigen tests in the UK, assuring you with the highest quality currently available on the market.

We realise just how important your duty of care to your customers and staffing team is throughout this pandemic. The products available at Protectfully will enhance safety for years to come, reassuring organisations and providing the confidence for a safe phased return to business.

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